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Tips and Tricks for Working From Home

Following the declaration of the state of alarm, many people have been forced to work from home and, partly because of this special situation, are not managing to adapt to this new circumstance. This is completely understandable.

I understand you perfectly. In my case, I’ve already done homeworking, and even so, the first day was a real failure. All day long in my pajamas, apathetic, very tired… It was to finish the day and know that I had to change my mind; and taking into account that it is not the first time I do this kind of work.

Keep your routines

It is important that you respect schedules, tasks and working hours. Although it’s usually more flexible when you work from home, doing so will help you meet goals and avoid stress.

Ex. If you usually cook the day before to take it to work, you can continue to do so.

Restructures the rooms

Depending on the availability of space you have, it would be interesting to change furniture and redistribute rooms. You should try to be practical and adapt the house to your needs.

Ex. Put the chairs you don’t usually use in a corner or move the table where you are going to work.

Say NO to pyjamas

Our subconscious is wise and, although it may seem like a joke, taking off your pajamas activates our brain, since it associates it with relaxation and comfort.


The work area must be the work area. Avoid eating breakfast where you work and changing your mind during lunch.

Breathe fresh air!

Not everyone has a great garden or an impressive terrace, but just looking out the window and getting some air or sun in your face. This will help you switch off and get back on your feet.

Working day

Respect the schedule; set a beginning and an end, and try to stick to it. In this way you will not become overburdened or stressed, and you will not run the risk of sinning by never resting or failing in your duties by being distracted.

Walk around the home

Yes, I know it. It’s not like most people have acres and acres to walk on. However, get up from your chair every hour or hour and a half, and walk for five minutes; even if it’s from the living room to the kitchen.

Written by Annabel Navarro.

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