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The Butterfly Circus | The power of resilience

The Butterfly Circus is an independent short film from 2009, which has won over 30 film awards and has been viewed by over 60 million people around the world. Film directed by Joshua Weigel and starring Eduardo Verástegui, Nick Vujicic and Doug Jones..

The Butterfly Circus

During the 1930s, the consequences of the Great Depression have made the United States a sad, apathetic and hopeless place. Mendez travels with his circus to bring color, joy and a little magic to those who have no desire, or strength, to smile. On one of his trips, the entrepreneur meets Will; a limbless man used as an attraction in a carnival oddities. After a peculiar encounter between both, Will decides to flee and join the group of nomads led by Méndez, oblivious to the important life lesson he is about to learn. Visit Website!

The power of resilience

Resilience is the ability to adapt positively to adverse situations; it is transforming weaknesses into strengths and difficulties into learning. It is assuming, after analyzing ourselves as individuals and as social beings, that we are responsible for our emotions and attitudes; being aware of our limitations, but above all of our power to generate positive change that eliminates the toxic emotions that harm and affect us in a negative way.

The Butterfly Circus presents us with a teaching from Will and Mendez that goes beyond accepting that we all have our place in the world; it is the celebration of resilience, yes, and also of empowerment.

The power of “I can do it”

Since we are born we are chained to the “I can’t” that we reinforce with the fear of failure and pain. We don’t want to suffer or hurt ourselves, however, transforming that fear into learning helps us to let go and become more fulfilled. If we allow these “can’t” to control our lives, we will end up chained to an existence in which we will not exploit our full potential and feel the dissatisfaction of not developing the best version of ourselves.

We must accept that we are responsible for our destiny; that difficulties serve to learn; that falling is a setback that should not stop us; and that we have the power to change the way we face obstacles. Only in this way we will enjoy the process of growth and shed the toxicity that comes from feeling that we are nothing more than a sad reflection of all that is good inside us.

And you, are you free from ” I can’t do it”?

Written by Annabel Navarro

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