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Babelcube is a platform (around ten years old) that connects publishers and independent authors with translators. This way, they can distribute their books in multiple languages without paying an initial cost.

How Babelcube Works

Access the official link and create your account. Once logged in, visit the “books” tab and add your book information so it’s available to translators.

You’ll need to upload to the platform: book introduction or synopsis; author biography, and the manuscript in MS Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF (.pdf) format.

Getting Your Translation

Translators may spontaneously contact you when they come across your book, or you can go to “translators” and find someone interested in translating your book.

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Is the Service Free?

Using the platform is cost-free, as you don’t pay for the translation. However, translators receive a portion of the royalties, which Babelcube manages and also receives a share of.

The rights holder receives 49%, the translator 31%, and Babelcube 20%. Babelcube pays you each month once your account exceeds the $10 threshold.

Attention! Although it may seem obvious to some, I want to emphasize the following. The amount distributed is the net profit received by the self-published book on Amazon. What Amazon sends you every X months for your sales.

Once the translation process starts, the rights holder grants Babelcube the exclusive license to distribute the translated book in the agreed territories for five years, with the possibility of annual renewals. IN OTHER WORDS, for five years you can’t withdraw THAT translation from the market.

Is It Worth It?

I used this platform to translate my first novel, “The Killer of Village Street,” into English and Italian. It’s an interesting resource, but you need to be aware of its pros and cons.

  • You’re uncertain about the quality of translations.
  • Anyone can join as a translator.
  • You have a five-year commitment. I couldn’t withdraw my novel earlier due to the inability to contact the translator and the agreement’s term.
  • Self-published authors, in general, aren’t bestsellers with recurring and substantial income. The author loses money, and the translator gives their time for free. The platform is the one that truly benefits globally from the collective users.
Would I Use Babelcube Again to Translate a Novel?

As a self-published author, I must say it’s an interesting resource because you don’t need an initial amount to pay for the translation. If you sell, you get your share, and that’s it. However, I haven’t used this platform again. At least, not yet.

As a self-published Spanish-speaking author, would I translate one of my novels into English? Here’s the answer.

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