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☀️ Sunscreen Tips | Things you should know before sunbathing

Vacations are just around the corner, and whether your holiday destination is the beach, the pool, the mountains, or staying in the city (the sun is dangerous everywhere, don’t trust it!), there are some things you should know before sunbathing. The exposure time, the appropriate sunscreen factor for our skin type, whether or not to take babies to the beach, will I get a tan if I use high sun protection factor; these are some of the doubts we try to address in the following post.

Use sunscreen responsibly; remember that misuse of sunscreens contributes to premature skin aging and increases the risk of cancer.

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What SPF should I use?

Always use SPF 30 and don’t obsess over higher factors, as there isn’t much difference.

How long will I be protected?

To calculate the time, first, we need to know that: Fair skin typically takes between 3 and 5 minutes. Less sensitive skin, 10 minutes. And darker skin may take up to 40 minutes.

Now, multiply that approximate time by the SPF, and you’ll get the protection time. For example, if you have sensitive skin (3 minutes) and use an SPF15 sunscreen, the result will be 45 minutes.

Will I get a tan if I use SPF50?

Of course! Your skin will tan; the tan will be more gradual and also safer.

Expiration date

Remember to check it as over time it loses properties and effectiveness; so don’t risk using last year’s.

When and how much sunscreen to apply

Apply it before leaving the house, about 20 or 30 minutes prior. And reapply every two hours or after sweating a lot or being in the water for more than forty minutes. When you do, be generous and don’t forget about sensitive areas: neck, ears, and insteps. Lips and scalp are also sensitive to the sun, so don’t forget to apply lip balm and wear a hat (scarf, cap, or whatever you prefer) to protect yourself.

Same product for body and face?

Use a specific product for the face, as it is more sensitive to oily compositions.

When to sunbathe

Avoid sunbathing from 12 to 4 p.m. as this is when we receive the most radiation.

Babies in the sun?

It’s not recommended to take infants under six months to the beach or use sunscreen because their skin is still very immature.

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