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Storytelling | It is said that women have a sixth sense

It is said that women have a sixth sense, a way of capturing the essence of life, of moments, in a unique way. Others claim that we live surrounded by mystical forces and that if we pay attention to the signs we will succeed. Be that as it may, sometimes there are moments when if you pay attention, the signs are clear, palpable, tangible, about to slap you in the face. What if knowing that it is a mistake, your fears cloud your judgment, and you end up ignoring for fear of being wrong and your decision leads you right to the mistake? In sociology it has a name “the self-fulfilling paradox”; for me it has another much clearer and more concise one…. “stupidity”. And believe me when I say it, because I am an expert in signals and stupidity.

Feeling that it’s a mistake, knowing that it’s better not to cross certain lines, and yet, biased by accumulating a long list of failures, ignoring how your stomach pulls you not to do it. Then, you confuse signals, perception, with fear and everything goes down the drain. That’s why I’m better at giving advice to solve other people’s problems… while I keep accumulating my own.

First published in original version in May 2015.

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