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Let´s go! | Tips and tricks for learning Spanish as a Spaniard

Writing, reading, listening and speaking. Learning a new language is difficult, but it is not impossible. If you want to speak Spanish as a Spaniard, there are something you should know.

Tip 1 | Do not read in English

If you read in Spanish, you learn some new words, expressions and the other hand, you will improve your grammar. The key? You should look for a short, entertaining and simple book, such as the adventure entitled LA JOYA DE ILLINOIS. It is available at Amazon. 

Tip 2 | Netflix is your new best friend

If you want to improve your understanding when you listen a Spanish speaker, a good tip is… Do not watch a film with English subtitules! Turn on the Spanish version and if you guess it is so difficult, help yourself with the Spanish subtitules.

Tip 3 | South America vs Spain

What kind of Spanish do you want to learn? No wrong answer, however, in my opinion the answer depends on where you want to travel because you will find different expressions and localisms that can hinder the correct development of a conversation, as is the case with American English and British English.

Tip 4 | Be a cockatoo

The best way to improve your pronunciation and understanding is to repeat expressions, just like you hear them in a movie or TV series. Why is this so? Because this way you internalize the language as if it were your own.

Tip 5 | Feel free!

My main problem when speaking another language is fear. This paralyzes me and pushes me to not practice so that my English does not improve and even gets worse. Don’t be like me! Do not fear, feel free and… speak!

Tip 6 | OMG! I don’t sound like a Spaniard!

And so what? If you speak Spanish and people can understand you then you are perfect! You don’t have to sound like a Spaniard, you have to speak Spanish and that’s all.

Tip 7 | Practice

Practice, practice and then, practice again! When you were a child and you were learning your mother language, you listened and spoke your language all the time! That’s the reason why children learn so quickly. You know… now you have to practice.

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I am from Spain, so I speak SPANISH AT NATIVE LEVEL and I am certified as a TEACHER for ADULTS.

My goal is to help you to speak Spanish in a FUN AND DYNAMIC way so that you can understand Spanish speakers when you travel, improve professionally, make new friends or watch series in original version and without subtitles.

Would you like to learn Spanish with me? Book one class! More lessons here!

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Técnica en Marketing Internacional. Graduada en Trabajo Social. Orientadora laboral y profesora de español titulada. Autora de ficción. Blogueando desde 2011. Última novela: LA JOYA DE ILLINOIS.

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