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Moco Museum Barcelona | Contemporary Modern Art

Moco Museum is an independent museum with a wide range of inspiring works of modern, contemporary, and street art. They have a venue in Villa Alsberg (Amsterdam) and in Barcelona (Spain).

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Independent museum

Lionel Logchies is a collector and co-founder of MOCO, along with his wife Kim. Both have been acquiring works of art for over 20 years, which will be exhibited in both the Amsterdam and Barcelona locations, as well as works on loan.

Among the exhibitions, visitors can enjoy works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Banksy, and Andy Warhol.

Palacio Cervelló

Located on Montcada Street, in the center of Barcelona, it occupies the Cervelló Palace. You can find it in the building adjacent to the Picasso Museum of Barcelona and across from the Ethnological Museum and the Museum of World Cultures.

The Cervelló Palace, originally a residential building, belonged to an important Catalan lineage. Currently, it combines the dual function of housing, on the northern side, and an art gallery; since 1974 with the Maeght Gallery and from 2021 with the Moco Museum.

Moco Museum Barcelona

The prices vary depending on the day and time slot; they limit the capacity to ensure the best possible experience.

Children up to 9 years old can access the venue for free. If you are a student (presenting your student ID) or are aged up to 17, your ticket starts from 9.50€. For others, the price starts from 14.50€.

“We represent the voice of the street and believe in art as the incredible vehicle that helps us achieve it.” – Kim and Lionel, founders of Moco Museum

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