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Hello, my name is Annabel and I would like to be your Spanish teacher 😊

Spanish teacher from Spain

I am from Spain, so I speak SPANISH AT NATIVE LEVEL. On a professional level, I have a degree in Social Work, my sector is administration and human resources, and I am certified as a SPANISH TEACHER for ADULTS.

My goal is to help you to speak Spanish in a FUN AND DYNAMIC way so that you can understand Spanish speakers when you travel, improve professionally, make new friends or watch series in original version and without subtitles.

Don´t forget! Here are some resources for learning Spanish.

Learn Spanish from home

I have MORE THAN ONE YEAR of experience teaching Spanish to English speakers at levels A2-B1, focusing my classes on CONVERSATIONAL PRACTICE, GRAMMAR AND LEXICON. With my help (I have some little tricks 😉) it will be much easier for you to learn and, above all, more fun. So if you are just starting to know the language or you have basic notions, I will be happy to be your Spanish teacher. Do you have a high level of Spanish, but you need to practice to improve your comprehension? LET’S TALK!


Ask for a free 20-minute trial lesson and let’s get to know each other, no obligation. If my availability does not fit your schedule, please contact me so we can coordinate.

(*) Please, if you book one of my classes and it’s the first time we are going to work together, let me know your Spanish level so I can offer you adapted content. You don’t know your level? No problem! Remember that in CLASSGAP you can know your level and win a free class.



Técnica en Marketing Internacional. Graduada en Trabajo Social. Orientadora laboral titulada. Autora de ficción con más de una decena de novelas publicadas. Escritora de romántica para adultos bajo seudónimo. Blogueando desde 2011. Última novela: LA JOYA DE ILLINOIS.

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