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Hello, my name is Annabel and I would like to be your Spanish teacher 😊

Spanish teacher from Spain

I am from Spain, so I speak SPANISH AT NATIVE LEVEL. On a professional level, I have a degree in Social Work, my sector is administration and human resources, and I am certified as a SPANISH TEACHER for ADULTS.

My goal is to help you to speak Spanish in a FUN AND DYNAMIC way so that you can understand Spanish speakers when you travel, improve professionally, make new friends or watch series in original version and without subtitles.

Don´t forget! Here are some resources for learning Spanish.

Learn Spanish from home

I have MORE THAN TWO YEAR of experience teaching Spanish to English speakers at levels A2-B1, focusing my classes on CONVERSATIONAL PRACTICE, GRAMMAR AND LEXICON. With my help (I have some little tricks 😉) it will be much easier for you to learn and, above all, more fun. So if you are just starting to know the language or you have basic notions, I will be happy to be your Spanish teacher. Do you have a high level of Spanish, but you need to practice to improve your comprehension? LET’S TALK!


Ask for a free 20-minute trial lesson and let’s get to know each other, no obligation. If my availability does not fit your schedule, please contact me so we can coordinate.

(*) Please, if you book one of my classes and it’s the first time we are going to work together, let me know your Spanish level so I can offer you adapted content. You don’t know your level? No problem! Remember that in CLASSGAP you can know your level and win a free class.

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Técnica en Marketing Internacional. Graduada en Trabajo Social. Orientadora laboral y profesora de español titulada. Autora de ficción. Blogueando desde 2011. Última novela: LA JOYA DE ILLINOIS.

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