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How to add emergency contact to the lock screen

The abbreviation “AA” (Alert) is used to indicate the person you want them to call in case of an emergency. This is done so that this person appears first in your contact list. Some phones also allow you to indicate favorite contacts so that they appear first, regardless of alphabetical order.

However, the security of the phone prevents professionals assisting you from accessing your phonebook; that’s why it’s important to put your emergency contact on the lock screen.

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Lock Screen | Android

The first option is enabled for most Android phones. Go to “Settings” and access “Lock Screen”; then, you should enter “Edit” and there you can add “contact information”. Add the phone number of your emergency contact, and it will be visible on your lock screen.

Samsung | Security and Emergency

If you have a Samsung phone, there is a default option available for you to activate. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Access the settings on your phone.
  • Look for “Security and Emergency”.
  • Next, click on “Emergency contacts”.
  • Select the contact from your list and activate the option “Show on lock screen”.

In this “Security and Emergency” section, you can include multiple contacts and even have the option to indicate relevant medical information such as your blood type or any allergies you may have. These are things you hope you never need, but it’s good to know, just in case. HOWEVER, to access this information, one would have to swipe the screen and access “emergency call”; therefore, I’m not sure to what extent it could be easily accessible to healthcare professionals or law enforcement.

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