My first thriller now on sale in English Edition. Translated by Federico Renzi and distributed by Draft2Digital in the major sales channels: Apple, Kobo, Scribd, Tolino, Barnes & Noble… Coming soon in AMAZON too.

“Village Street” takes place in a quiet and remote village in southern US where arrives an attractive young woman with the intention of preparing his university thesis. Natalie Davis, a rookie researcher will need to rebuild the puzzle that will take her to find the responsible of several murders; a bloody butcher able to maim and carry with him the liver of their victims as trophies.

Everything goes normally until two weeks after his arrival; she discovers some marks on the path that leads her to a macabre scenario. Since then she assumes his role as researcher and tries to gather the necessary evidence to discover the culprit. Lack of experience and technical limitations, forcing Natalie to improvise and assume a responsibility that is too big. A story full of mystery, romance and intrigue in which the reader will discover the story as the protagonist accumulates information. She’ll be able to detain the murderer of Village Street



Técnica en Marketing Internacional. Graduada en Trabajo Social y colegiada en el CPTS de Cádiz. Autora de ficción con más de una decena de novelas publicadas. Escritora de romántica para adultos bajo seudónimo. Blogueando desde 2011.

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